L-39C Albatross

L-39C Albatross

  • Manufacturer: Aero Vodochody

  • Model: L-39C Albatross

  • Tail Number: N748BA

Hereʼs a peek behind the Iron Curtain. This important high-performance jet trainer was key in honing the skills of Soviet pilots during the tensest days of the Cold War. Developed in the former Czechoslovakia during the 60s, the L-39C Albatross didnʼt see full-scale production until late 1972. So well designed the Albatross is still the most widely used jet trainer in the world, with more than 2,800 still in service with 30+ air forces worldwide. Having the distinction of being the first turbofan trainer produced, the jet has become very popular in the West among private pilots. The Lewis Albatross was built in 1978 and ironically wears the paint scheme of the United States Navy Blue Angels.


  • Wing Span: 31' 5"

  • Length: 40' 5"

  • Height: 15' 6"

  • Max Speed: 485 mph

  • Gross Weight: 11,618 lbs

  • Power Plant: Ivchenko Al-25 turbofan

  • Thrust: 3,792 lbs

  • Fuel Capacity: 422 gal


  • Unarmed