AH-1G Cobra

AH-1G Cobra

  • Manufacturer: Bell

  • Model: AH-1G Cobra

This intimidating AH-1G Cobra has struck fear in the hearts of the enemy for decades. Accepted by the Army in 1968, this Cobra was sent directly to Vietnam where it served until 1971 and accumulated 1680 combat flying hours. This two-blade, single-engine attack chopper was the world’s first aircraft specifically designed for the armed helicopter role. Its unprecedented maneuverability and accuracy make for deadly effectiveness. The tandem seating for the gunner and pilot allows for virtually unlimited visibility. Should you find yourself up against this fearful Cobra, RUN!

Fully defined during the Vietnam War, the Cobra proved to be one of the major US successes of its time. In 1975, this aircraft was transferred to the Texas Army National Guard where it served until its retirement from military service. This Cobra has been fully restored to appear just as it did in Vietnam with the support of Crew Chief Sergeant Steve Liubakki, who personally assisted in ensuring the authenticity of this unique and rare aircraft. As part of the restoration process, this aircraft’s power plant was upgraded to a more powerful engine, providing an additional 400 horsepower than the original Vietnam era engine. This is one fast Cobra! With a fierce paint job done by none other than phenomenal airbrush artist, Mike Dusold, you might find yourself running away from this Great White. This distinctive helicopter is the last known FLYING AH-1G Cobra attack helicopter with combat service in Vietnam. As part of the Lewis Air Legends collection, this incredible piece of history happily resides with its fellow warbirds.