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Warbirds Captured

Feel the thunder and hear the roar of legendary aircraft in thrilling video action.

Connie First Flight

Earlier this year, our Constellation, “Bataan” made her first flight from The Planes of Fame satellite Museum in Valle, AZ to the home facility in Chino, CA. The aircraft had sat silently for over twenty years in the high desert. It would take the P.O.F. crew nearly eighteen months to prepare.
Stew Dawson took the pilot in command position with Steve Hinton in the right seat. Owner Rod Lewis would fly chase one and Stevo Hinton piloted chase two.
The fight was not without a few tense minutes as the crew dealt with fuel flow issues that threatened to force the aircraft down at nearby Grand Canyon Airport.
Come along for the whole story, and observe cool, calm crisis management from the most experienced crew flying these veteran aircraft.

Onboard with the Bear

Onboard with the Bear


Rare Bear finished the 2015 Gold Race in a solid second place. While not the first place win that we all wanted, pilot Stew Dawson brought the Bear back strong and healthy with solid data to build on. The crew at Ezell aviation are already at work building a new power plant for 2016. It will be a few more weeks before we finish the full highlight video, but to wet your appetite, how bout’ some onboard footage from the wing camera of Sundays race. You can clearly see fluid streaming from Voodoo and building up on our lens. Unlimited race action front and center. Enjoy!

St Bart's Flybys

Lewis Air Legends travel to St. Bart’s.


Back in March of this year,  three aircraft from the Lewis Air Legends Collection teamed up with the crew from Texas Flying Legends to tear up the sky over the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Bart’s. You have probably seen some of this footage before, but not from onboard our Tigercats and B-25. Enjoy the show just like thousands of the local residents.

Reno 2014: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The 2014 National Championship Air Races were not the best for the Lewis Air Racing team. With three aircraft ready to do battle in the high desert near Reno, Nevada the LAR crew was prepared for anything. The fearsome racers lined up in the pit included, ‘La Patrona’, the twin-engine Tigercat, piloted by Stew Dawson, previous race winner ‘232’, a Sea Fury piloted by Hoot Gibson, and ‘Rare Bear’, the infamous Bearcat that you don’t just fly, but survive, also piloted by Stewart Dawson.
At the beginning of the race week ‘232’ and ‘Rare Bear’ were poised to make it an impressive race by pushing the Mustangs to their limits and giving the competition a run for their money. Sadly, by sunset on Sunday, only our Tigercat would bring home a win in the Unlimited Silver class. How quickly the winds of fortune can shift in the dry desert air.
Please enjoy the following video as we track the Lewis Air Racing team’s journey and efforts to bring home Reno Gold. Share in the glory of victory and the agony of defeat.

A-20 First Flight

A-20 First Flight


On July 15th, 2015 the Lewis Air Legends A-20 took to the air for its first test flight. After an extensive restoration under the direction of Tony Ritzman and Carl Scholl, co-owners of Aero Trader based in Chino, California, the aircraft finally flew at the capable hands of Stewart Dawson. This A-20 is the only flying example of its type in the world, and it was the most anticipated warbird flight in recent history. Lewis Air Legends, owner Rod Lewis was on hand to witness the flight and was quick to state that he cannot wait to fly it. Since one of the unique features of this WW2 era attack bomber is the single pilot configuration, this is the only way to experience the excitement of a truly awesome bomber.

Bear in the Air

Bear in the air!
Recent sightings in the air north of Reno have reported fleeting glimpses of purple and orange and the distinctive sound of a highly tuned radial engine. Don’t worry, its just the sound of famous air racer, “Rare Bear”. The engine spent the off season in Breckenridge, TX at Ezell Aviation getting massaged and tweaked. She’s all back together and logging test time with Stewart Dawson at the stick. Get ready race fans…here we go again!

Behind the Lens with Paul Bowen

The Lewis Air Legends team cultivates many great relationships with professionals in the aviation community. One of those individuals is renowned photographer, Paul Bowen. At the 2014 Reno Air Races, LAL coordinated an evening photo shoot with Paul. Our models for the evening included; the world’s fastest qualified Sea Fury, 232, flown by Hoot Gibson, Unlimited Silver race winner, La Patrona, and the iconic Bearcat, Rare Bear, both flown by Stewart Dawson. As always the sunset on Stead ramp cast its golden glow on the aircraft. We followed Paul as he set up and photographed the formation. Watch a master at work.

Pace Plane Pilot

Pace Plane Pilot

Last year we sat down at the Reno Air Races for a few minutes with pace plane pilot, Steve Hinton. Find out how he became the pace pilot and what goes on in the cockpit of the pace plane before and during the race.

Chino Planes of Fame

Chino Planes of Fame 2014

Lewis Air Legends is a long time friend and supporter of the Planes of Fame Museum and airshow in Chino, California. This annual event is a highlight on every airshow calendar, always providing a unique blend of warbirds and performers from around the world. Unfortunately, last minute glitches kept the Lewis Air Legends’ P-47 Thunderbolt “Balls Out” from attending the event, but that didn’t stop our crew from participating and bringing back some excellent footage. Take a look at our most recent highlight video from Planes of Fame airshow!

Sun N Fun 2014

Sun N Fun 2014
Lewis Air Legends continued the 2014 airshow season in style by attending the 40th annual Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, Florida. The P-38 Lightning, ‘Glacier Girl’, two F7F Tigercats, ‘La Patrona’ and ‘Here Kitty, Kitty!’ and the B-25, ‘Russian Ta Get Ya’ all participated in the “Spring Break for Airplanes.”
Lewis Air Legends teamed up with James Slattery and his beautiful Tigercat for an awesome three-ship formation, including Rod Lewis, Stewart Dawson and Steve Hinton. The fans in attendance witnessed the return of the Heritage Flight to Lakeland skies with ‘Glacier Girl’ piloted by Steve Hinton, the P-51 Mustang, ‘Crazy Horse’ with Lee Lauderback at the controls and the F-22 Raptor flown by Capt. John ‘Taboo’ Cummings. To top off a great weekend, the Lewis Air Legends B-25 won Best Bomber.
Check out the video highlight of the sights and sounds from Sun ‘n Fun featuring Lewis Air Legends aircraft.

Cobra Shark

As if the Lewis Air Legends Cobra gunship didn’t already strike an intimidating pose, it had to go and get a facelift! After all, the LAL collection is known for the awesome nose art. Airbrush artist, Mike Dusold brought his raw talent to the LAL hangar’s to create a design for our Vietnam War attack chopper that would terrify even the toughest person thinking about going back to the beach…or the airport! ShhShhShh..SHARK!!!

232, What Really Happened

232, What Really Happened

2013 was a bittersweet year for the Lewis Air Legends team at the 50th Annual Reno Air Races.  After achieving the fastest qualifying time ever recorded in a Sea Fury,  our very own 232, pilot “Hoot” Gibson experienced a structural failure during Saturday’s Unlimited Gold Race, eliminating him from the competition.  Through skillful camera placement, video forensics, and just dumb luck, our Lewis Air Legends media team was able to piece together the chain of events that grounded 232. Handling the emergency in “cool” astronaut style, “Hoot” safely landed 232, and in his own words…stated, we’ll be back “Next Year”. Take a moment to see exactly what happened and hear a break down from our crew and pilot.