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  • Manufacturer
  • Hawker
  • Model
  • TMK-20 Sea Fury
  • Name
  • “Cubano”
  • Tail Number
  • N233MB

The Sea Fury was Hawkerʼs benchmark in piston engine performance, as the Grumman Bearcat and P-51 Mustang were for their U.S. manufacturers. Until the jets took over, these fighters were considered the pinnacle of power and speed achievement in a propeller-driven aircraft. The Hawker Sea Fury evolved as a smaller and lighter version of the Hawker Tempest, designed for carrier use with folding wings and a tail-hook incorporated. A fighter-bomber version, the FB.11, carried bombs and rockets under its wings. Only 860 Sea Furys were built, all of them joining the Royal Navy, including 60 Mk.20 two-seat trainer versions. The tremendous 2,480-horsepower engine well exceeded even that of the powerful Grumman Bearcat. One of the fastest production single piston-engine aircraft ever built, like its Grumman-made American contemporary the Sea Fury quickly found a post-war home in the hearts of civilian air racing enthusiasts.